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Illusions of Reality and more!

Illusions of Reality was a joy to write and I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you haven't, you can get an eBook at your favorite bookstore (as long as it isn't Amazon/Kindle). I apologize if that is your preferred bookstore, but I removed Illusions of Reality because there is an Amazon glitch that will not let users with various devices such as Apple read my novel. I worked diligently with Amazon to fix the situation, but they just wanted to blame me. They said it was a corrupt file that I uploaded, a problem with customer devices, etc. When I asked why readers were unable to leave a review for my book, they blamed the users and said I would have to contact the readers and have them reach out to Amazon. Too much of a hassle for not only me, but for my readers! I want to make your reading experience as pleasurable as possible, so I pulled my book from Amazon/Kindle. However, it is available from numerous retailers such as Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Apple, Google, and many more. My paperback will be available 4/5/2021 through Barnes&Noble as well. By clicking the cover picture below, it will take you directly to Barnes&Noble . Scroll below picture for continuation...

I know readers like to read a particular genre and if you want a follow-up book to Illusions of Reality, I would be happy to write one. I have had a couple requests to continue the story on further. What do you think? For now, I am moving onto my next novel. I tend to blur genre styles in my writing and it is difficult to put it in just one genre. Heck, I don't think there is even two genre's that can fully encapsulate this next book. There is some sexiness, some paranormal, some love, physics (i.e. string theory, quantum mechanics, etc) enough to question the world around you, but not enough to bore you! I would love to know what you think about this type of fiction. Would you be interested? I Would love your feedback to help construct this next novel (story-line, names, etc.). Maybe you seriously want to read more Illusions of Reality and that is great too! Just reply to my blog or reach out to me through email!

Thank you,

Brian Romesburg

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